5083 Aluminum Alloy

GB/T 3190-2008:5083

American Standard-ASTM-B209:5083

European standard-EN-AW:5083/AlMg4.5Mn0.7

 5083 alloy, also known as aluminum magnesium alloy, is magnesium as the main additive alloy, magnesium content in about 4.5%, has good forming performance, excellent weldability, corrosion resistance, moderate strength, in addition, 5083 aluminum plate also has excellent fatigue resistance, suitable for repeated loading and unloading of structural parts, belong to AI-Mg alloy.

Processing thickness range (mm): 0.5~400

5083 aluminum plate Scope of application:

1.In the shipbuilding industry:

5083 aluminum plate is widely used in hull structure, outfitting parts, deck, compartment partition plate and other parts. Its excellent corrosion resistance and welding performance make the ship have a long service life and a low maintenance cost in the seawater environment.

2.In the automotive industry:

5083 aluminum plate can be used to make body frames, doors, engine supports and other components to achieve lightweight and improve fuel efficiency.

3.In the field of aircraft manufacturing:

the 5083 aluminum plate is used in the key parts of the wing, fuselage, landing gear and so on because of its high strength and good processing performance. Except in the transportation sector.

4.In the field of construction:

it can be used to make aluminum alloy doors and Windows, curtain walls, roofs and other parts to improve the beauty and durability of the building.

5.in the field of machinery: 

5083 aluminum plate can be used to manufacture a variety of mechanical parts and structural parts, such as gears, bearings, supports, etc.

6.In the field of chemical industry: 

its excellent corrosion resistance makes the 5083 aluminum plate can be used for manufacturing chemical equipment, storage tanks, pipes and other components, to ensure the stable operation of the equipment in the harsh environment.

Of course, 5083 aluminum plate in the production and use process also need to pay attention to some problems. First, due to its high strength, appropriate process and cutting parameters are needed to avoid excessive stress and deformation. Secondly, in the welding process, attention should be paid to controlling the welding thermal input and welding speed to ensure the weld quality and joint performance. In addition, 5083 aluminum plates should avoid contact with chemicals during storage and transportation to prevent corrosion and damage.

In short, 5083 aluminum plate, as an excellent aluminum alloy plate, has a wide application prospect in transportation, construction, machinery, chemical industry and other fields. With the continuous progress of science and technology and the continuous development of aluminum processing technology, 5083 aluminum plate will play its unique advantages and role in more fields. At the same time, our company also pays more attention to the problems in its production and use process, and takes effective measures to solve them to ensure its safe and stable service in all fields.

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Post time: Jun-04-2024
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