3003 Aluminum Alloy Performance Application Field and Processing Method

3003 aluminum alloy is mainly composed of aluminum, manganese and other impurities. Aluminum is the main component, accounting for more than 98%, and the content of manganese is about 1%. Other impurities elements such as copper, iron, silicon and so on are relatively low in content. Because it contains manganese element, the 3003 alloy has good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, and can maintain the surface finish and gloss for a long time in a humid environment, so it has been widely used in the Marine environment, such as shipbuilding, Marine platform construction and other fields.Secondly, 3003 aluminum alloy has a high strength, although 3003 alloy contains a high manganese element, but its strength is still higher than pure aluminum, so in the need of high strength, such as aerospace field, 3003 alloy has also been widely used, such as aircraft shell, engine parts, etc.In addition, because 3003 alloy contains silicon elements, it has better processing, can be deep flushing, stretching, welding and other processing, so it has been widely used in automobile manufacturing, construction engineering and other fields, such as automobile body plate, building exterior wall decorative board, etc.

Performance of the 3003 aluminum alloy

1.Good formability and weldabilit

3003 aluminum alloy has good formability and weldability. This is due to the good plastic and machable properties of aluminum, so it can be formed into different shapes and sizes by various processing methods. In addition, aluminum can be easily welded, can be used in a variety of welding techniques, such as argon arc welding, resistance welding, laser welding, etc. This formability and weldability make the 3003 aluminum alloy the material of choice for many industrial applications.

2.Good corrosion resistance

The 3003 aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance. Aluminum itself has a high corrosion resistance, and the simultaneous addition of manganese improves the ability of aluminum to resist the impact of the natural environment. The addition of manganese also gives the alloy a higher strength, allowing the alloy to be used in a more challenging environment.


3003 aluminum alloy has a very low density, Only 2.73g / cm³ was available.This means that the alloy is very lightweight and can be used in many applications that require lightweight materials.For example, the 3003 aluminum alloy can be used to make weight-reducing products such as aircraft, ships, and automobiles. In addition, low density helps reduce costs because less materials are needed to make the same product.

4.Good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity

The 3003 aluminum alloy also has good electrical and thermal conductivity. Therefore, it is very suitable for use in electrical appliances, cables and other electrical equipment. In addition, aluminum alloy does not cause fire, so it is harmless to fire safety.

3003 aluminum alloy because of its good performance, in a variety of processing process are excellent performance. The following are the various common processing methods of 3003 aluminum alloy:

1. Extrusion: 3003 aluminum alloy is suitable for extrusion processing, can be obtained through extrusion molding of various section shapes of products, such as pipe, profile, etc.

2.Casting: Although the casting performance of 3003 aluminum alloy is general, it can still be used in some simple shapes of castings, such as parts, accessories, etc.

3.Cold pull: cold drawing is the processing method of deforming metal materials through the tension of the mold, 3003 aluminum alloy is suitable for cold pull molding, can produce slender products with small diameter, such as wire, thin pipe, etc

4.Stamping: due to its good plasticity and forming performance, 3003 aluminum alloy is suitable for stamping processing, can be used to make various shapes of plate, cover, shell, etc.

5.Welding: 3003 aluminum alloy can be connected by common welding methods such as argon arc welding, resistance welding, etc., and can be used for welding into various shapes of structural parts.

6.Cutting: 3003 aluminum alloy can be formed by cutting, including common cutting, cutting, punching and other methods, can be used for the production of various sizes and shapes of parts.

7.Deep flush: due to its good ductility, 3003 aluminum alloy is suitable for deep flush processing, can be used to make bowl, shell and other shape parts.

3003 aluminum alloy can be in different states during processing, the common processing states include the following:

1.Quenching state: the quenching state of 3003 aluminum alloy, after quenching treatment, usually has a high hardness and strength, which is suitable for applications with high material strength requirements.

2.Softening state: through solid solution treatment and natural aging or artificial aging treatment, 3003 aluminum alloy can be changed from quenching state to softening state, so that it has better plasticity and processing performance.

3.Semi-hard state: semi-hard state is a state between quenching state and softening state, 3003 aluminum alloy in this state has moderate hardness and plasticity, suitable for some high material strength and shape requirements.

4.Annealing state: by heating to a certain temperature after slow cooling, 3003 aluminum alloy can be in the annealing state, at this time the material has good plasticity and toughness, suitable for some processing processes with high requirements on the material shape.

5.Cold processing hardening state: after cold processing of 3003 aluminum alloy will harden, at this time the strength of the material increases, but the plasticity is reduced, suitable for the manufacture of parts requiring higher strength.

The 3003 aluminum alloy has been widely used in many fields due to its good characteristics.

1.Food packaging: because 3003 aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance and workability, it is often used to make food packaging boxes, cans, etc.

2.Pipes and containers: The corrosion resistance and welding properties of 3003 aluminum alloy make it ideal materials for making pipes and containers, such as air conditioning pipes, storage tanks, etc.

3.Decoration materials: 3003 aluminum alloy can obtain different colors and texture through surface treatment, so it is often used in interior decoration materials, such as ceiling, wall panels, etc.

4.Electronic products: 3003 aluminum alloy has excellent thermal conductivity, often used in the production of heat sink, radiator and other electronic products of the heat dissipation components.

5.Auto parts: 3003 aluminum alloy has good strength and hardness, suitable for auto parts manufacturing, such as body plate, doors, etc.

Overall, the 3003 aluminum alloy is an excellent material with good corrosion resistance, high strength and good machining ability, which has been widely used in many fields. With the development of science and technology and the progress of engineering, I believe that 3003 aluminum alloy will have a broader development prospect in the future.

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