What aluminum alloys will be used in semiconductor equipment manufacturing?

The types and uses of aluminum alloys used in semiconductor equipment manufacturing mainly depend on the equipment and process flow. Based on the projects we are involved in, let’s talk about the following grades.


Firstly, 6061 is commonly used to manufacture structural components of semiconductor equipment, such as brackets, racks, mounting plates, and large cavities.


Next is 5083, which is mainly used in semiconductor equipment to manufacture components such as vacuum chambers and vacuum tubes.


Finally, 7075 is mainly used for mechanical arms, conveyors, workbenches and other components in semiconductor equipment that require high strength and strong wear resistance.


In addition to the aforementioned types, other types of aluminum alloys may also be used in semiconductor equipment manufacturing, such as 1100, 2024, 6063, 5052, and so on. The specific decision still needs to be made based on the selection, evaluation, and testing of the application scenario.

Post time: Jan-22-2024
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