Novelis Acquires Aleris

Novelis Inc., the world leader in aluminum rolling and recycling, has acquired Aleris Corporation, a global supplier of rolled aluminum products. As a result, Novelis is now even better positioned to meet increasing customer demand for aluminum by expanding its innovative product portfolio; creating a more skilled and diverse workforce; and deepening its commitment to safety, sustainability, quality and partnership.

With the addition of Aleris’ operational assets and workforce, Novelis is poised to more efficiently serve the growing Asia market by integrating complementary assets in the region including recycling, casting, rolling and finishing capabilities. The company will also add aerospace to its portfolio and enhance its ability to continue to bring innovative products to market, strengthen its research and development capabilities and deliver on its purpose of shaping a sustainable world together.

“Successful acquisition of Aleris Aluminum is an important milestone for Novelis on leading the way forward. In a challenging market environment, this acquisition demonstrates our recognition of Aleris’ business and products A hero in troubled times can’t succeed without the company’s outstanding leadership and stable business foundation. Like the addition of Novelis to the territory in 2007, this acquisition of Aleris is also a long-term strategy of the company. ” Kumar Mangalam Birla, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Birla Group and Novelis, said. “The deal with Aleris Aluminum is crucial, which extends our metal business to a wider range of other high-end markets, especially in the aerospace industry. By becoming an industry leader, we are also more determined to our customers and employees And the commitment of shareholders. At the same time, as we further expand the scope of the aluminum industry, we have taken a decisive step towards a sustainable future. “

Post time: Apr-20-2020
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