European Enterprise Association Jointly Calls on EU not to Forbid RUSAL

The industry associations of five European enterprises jointly sent a letter to the European Union warning that the strike against RUSAL “may cause the direct consequences of thousands of European companies closing down and tens of thousands of unemployed people”. The survey shows that German enterprises are accelerating the transfer of production to places with lower energy costs and taxes.

Those associations urge the EU and European governments not to impose restrictions on imports of aluminum products made in Russia, such as bans, and warn that thousands of European enterprises may close down.

In the joint statement issued by FACE, BWA, Amafond, Assofermet and Assofond, the above-mentioned letter sending action was disclosed.

At the end of September this year, the LME confirmed the release of the “market wide consultation document” to solicit members’ views on how to deal with Russian supply, opening the door to the possibility of prohibiting LME warehouses worldwide from delivering new Russian metals.

On October 12, the media broke out that the United States was considering imposing sanctions on Russian aluminum, and mentioned that there were three options, one was to completely ban Russian aluminum, the other was to raise tariffs to a punitive level, and the third was to impose sanctions on Russian aluminum joint ventures

Post time: Oct-26-2022
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