What is 5754 Aluminum Alloy?

Aluminum 5754 is an aluminum alloy with magnesium as the primary alloying element, supplemented with small chromium and/or manganese additions. It has good formability when in the fully soft, annealed temper and can be work-hardened to fairy high strength levels. It is slightly stronger, but less ductile, than 5052 alloy. It is used in a multitude of engineering and automotive applications.


5754 has excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, and good weldability. As a wrought alloy, it can be formed by rolling, extrusion, and forging. One disadvantage of this aluminum is that it is not heat treatable and cannot be used for casting.

What makes 5754 aluminum suitable for marine applications?

This grade is resistant to saltwater corrosion, ensuring that the aluminum will withstand frequent exposure to marine environments without deterioration or rust.

What makes this grade good for the automotive industry?

5754 aluminum shows great drawing characteristics and maintains high strength. It can be easily welded and anodized for great surface finishing. Because it is easy to form and process, this grade works well for car doors, paneling, flooring, and other parts.

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Gas Tank

Car Door

Post time: Nov-17-2021
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