What aluminum alloys will be used in rail transit?


Due to the characteristics of lightweight and high strength, aluminum alloy is mainly used in the field of rail transit to improve its operational efficiency, energy conservation, safety, and lifespan.


For example, in most subways, aluminum alloy is used for the body, doors, chassis, and some important structural components, such as radiators and wire ducts.


6061 is mainly used for structural components such as carriage structures and chassis.


5083 is mainly used for shells, bodies, and floor panels, as it has good corrosion resistance and weldability.


3003 can be used as components such as skylights, doors, windows, and body side panels.


6063 has good heat dissipation, so it can be used for electrical wiring ducts, heat sinks, and other similar applications.


In addition to these grades, other aluminum alloys will also be used in subway manufacturing, some of which will also use “aluminum lithium alloy”. The specific grade of aluminum alloy to be used still depends on the specific production design requirements.

Post time: Jan-08-2024
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