CNC Processing Of Aluminum Alloy Characteristics

Low hardness of aluminum alloy

Compared with other metal materials, aluminum alloy has a lower hardness, so the cutting performance is good, but at the same time, this material is also due to the low melting point, large ductility characteristics, very easy to melt on the finishing surface or tool, but also easy to produce burr and other deficiencies. Heat-treatment or die-casting aluminum alloy also has a higher hardness. The HRC hardness of general aluminum plate is below 40 degrees, which does not belong to the material of high hardness. Therefore, during the processing process of CNC aluminum parts, the load of the processing tool will be very small.In addition, the thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is excellent, and the temperature required to cut the aluminum parts is low, which can greatly improve the milling speed.

Aluminum alloy plasticity is low

"Plastic" refers to the ability of the material to deform under the action of constant external force and continuously extend the deformation. And the plasticity of aluminum alloy is mainly shown to obtain a very high elongation rate and a relatively low rebound rate. That is, it can undergo plastic deformation and maintain a certain degree of deformation under the action of external force.

The "plasticity" of aluminum alloy is usually affected by the grain size. The grain size is the key factor affecting the plasticity of aluminum alloy. Generally speaking, the finer the grain, the better the plasticity of aluminum alloy. This is because when the grains are small, the number of dislocations produced in the processing process will be more, making the material more easy to deform, and the degree of plasticity is higher.

Aluminum alloy has lowplasticity and low melting point. When CNC aluminum parts are processed, the exhaust performance is poor and the surface roughness is high. This requires CNC processing factory to mainly solve the fixed blade, processing surface quality of these two problems, can solve the problem of aluminum alloy processing.

Tools easier wear during processing

In the process of aluminum parts, due to the use of inappropriate tools, the tool wear situation will be more serious under the multiple influence of blade and cutting removal problems. Therefore, before the aluminum processing, we should choose the cutting temperature control to the lowest, and the front knife surface roughness is good, and can also smoothly discharge the cutting tool. Items with wind front angle cutting blade and enough exhaust space are most suitable. 


Post time: May-27-2024
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