CNC Processing With Aluminum You Know How Much?

Aluminum alloy CNC machining is the use of CNC machine tools for parts processing at the same time using digital information to control parts and tool displacement, Main aluminum parts, aluminum shell and other aspects of the processing.Due to the recent years, the rise of mobile phones, computers, charging banks, auto parts, the requirements for improving the processing accuracy of aluminum parts, but from the other side of the aluminum alloy CNC processing technology texture leap, to achieve a large batch, high-precision production of aluminum alloy. Here is for you to talk about the advantages of aluminum alloy CNC processing.

Processing principle of aluminum alloy CNC

The aluminum alloy CNC processing principle is to use the automatic control system to install the digital program process command control CNC machine tool bearing automatic start and stop, change and speed change can be selected and according to the CNC blade to change the feeding amount and walking track to complete the lifetime processing of various auxiliary movements.

Advantages of aluminum alloy CNC processing

Aluminum alloy CNC processing can reduce the total number of tooling in large quantities, the production and processing style of complex parts, only need to change the processing process.

Aluminum alloy CNC processing is relatively stable, will not let the artificial processing deviation, resulting in each aluminum alloy is different, and even defective products.

Aluminum alloy CNC processing can produce complex aluminum parts, and even can produce production processing parts. Also can produce a variety of varieties, high production efficiency, save labor costs, can achieve a variety of production at the same time.

What is the difference between the traditional technology and CNC machining, where are the advantages?

We know the characteristics of traditional mechanical processing, generally is the manual operation of ordinary machine tool machine processing, processing needs to use manual operation, shake the mechanical handle to make the tool cut metal to complete the processing target.In the operation, you need to rely on the eyes with calipers and other tools to measure the processing hole position of the product, the accuracy of the processing product is not high. Especially when the product hole position, high precision, it is difficult to reach the standard.And the use of CNC machining center is not the same, it is a programming control automatic machine tool.Through the programming control system can logically process and control the coding and symbol instruction program, through the computer decoding, according to the designed action, through the tool cutting aluminum profile products, the blank processing into semi-finished parts.Through CNC machining center processing products, high precision can reach 0.01 mm. Not only high accuracy can also be arbitrarily programming to remove the unnecessary part, drilling, tapping, milling groove, cutting and so on, can be completed in one step.

Post time: May-21-2024
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