What aluminum alloys will be used in new energy vehicles?

There are quite a few types of aluminum alloy grades used in new energy vehicles. Could you please share the 5 main grades purchased in the field of new energy vehicles for reference only.


The first type is the labor model in aluminum alloy -6061 aluminum alloy. 6061 has good processing and corrosion resistance, so it is usually used to manufacture battery racks, battery covers, and protective covers for new energy vehicles.


The second type is 5052, which is more commonly used for the body structure and wheels of new energy vehicles.


The third type is 60636063, which has high strength, is easy to process, and has good heat dissipation, so it is generally used for components such as cable trays, cable junction boxes, and air ducts.


The fourth type is the leader among aluminum alloys -7075, which is commonly used in high-strength components such as brake discs and suspension components due to its high strength and hardness.


The fifth type is 2024, and this brand is mainly used because of its high strength, which is used as a body mechanism component.


New energy vehicles will use more than just these brands, and can also be mixed in applications. Overall, the aluminum alloy materials used in new energy vehicles still depend on specific vehicle design and manufacturing requirements. For example, factors such as strength, corrosion resistance, processability, weight, etc. need to be considered.

Post time: Jan-18-2024
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