6082 Aluminum Alloy Application Range State And Its Properties


American Standard-ASTM-B209:6082

Euromark-EN-485:6082 / AlMgSiMn

6082 aluminum alloy is also a commonly used aluminum magnesium silicon alloy, is magnesium and silicon as the main additives of the alloy, the strength is higher than 6061, strong mechanical properties, is a heat treatment reinforced alloy, are hot rolling process.With good formability, weldability, corrosion resistance, machining ability, and medium strength, can still maintain good operation after annealing, mainly used in transportation and structural engineering industry.Such as mold, road and bridge, crane, roof frame, transport aircraft, ship accessories, etc.In recent years, with the rapid development of the shipbuilding industry at home and abroad, it has become an important task for the aluminum processing industry and shipbuilding industry to reduce the weight of the ship and replace the aluminum alloy materials.

6082 Common application range of aluminum alloy:

1. Aerospace field: 6082 aluminum alloy is commonly used in the manufacturing of aircraft structural parts, fuselage shell, wings, etc., with excellent strength to weight ratio and corrosion resistance.

2. Automobile industry: 6082 aluminum alloy is widely used in automobile manufacturing, including body structure, wheels, engine parts, suspension system, etc., which helps to reduce the weight of vehicles and improve fuel efficiency.

3. Railway transportation field: 6082 aluminum alloy is commonly used in the manufacturing of car body structure, wheels, connections and other parts of railway vehicles, which helps to improve the operation efficiency of trains and reduce energy consumption.

4. Ship construction: 6082 aluminum alloy is also suitable for the good corrosion resistance and strength in the field of ship construction, such as hull structure, ship plate and other parts.

5. High pressure vessel: The excellent strength and corrosion resistance of 6082 aluminum alloy also make it an ideal material for the manufacture of high pressure vessels, liquid storage tanks and other industrial equipment.

6. Structural engineering: 6082 aluminum alloy is often used in building structure, Bridges, towers and other fields, using its lightweight, high strength characteristics to meet the needs of engineering design.

6082 aluminum alloy is a common high strength aluminum alloy, usually in the 6082-T6 state is the most common. In addition to 6082-T6, other alloy states can be obtained during the heat treatment of 6082 aluminum alloy, mainly including the following:

1. 6082-O state: O state is annealed state, and the alloy is naturally cooled after solid solution treatment. The 6082 aluminum alloy in this state has high plasticity and ductility, but low strength and hardness, which is suitable for applications requiring better stamping properties.

2. 6082-T4 state: T4 state is obtained by rapid alloy cooling after solid solution treatment, and then natural aging.6082-T4 state alloy has certain strength and hardness, but still maintains good plasticity, suitable for some applications that are not particularly high strength requirements.

3. 6082-T651 state: T651 state is obtained by manual aging after solid solution treatment, usually by maintaining the alloy for a long time at lower temperatures.6082-T651 state has high strength and hardness, while maintaining a certain plasticity and toughness, suitable for applications requiring high strength and creep resistance.

4. 6082-T652 state: T652 state is obtained by overheat treatment after strong solid solution treatment and then rapid cooling. It has high hardness and strength and is suitable for special engineering applications requiring higher mechanical properties.

In addition to the above common states, the 6082 aluminum alloy can be customized heat treated and adjusted to obtain an alloy status with specific properties according to different engineering application requirements. To select the appropriate 6082 aluminum alloy state, the strength, hardness, plasticity, corrosion resistance and other performance requirements should be comprehensively considered to ensure that the alloy meets the needs of specific applications.

6082 Aluminum alloys are usually treated by solution treatment and aging treatment for heat treatment to improve their tissue structure and properties. The following is the common heat treatment process of 6082 aluminum alloy:

1. Solid solution treatment (Solution Treatment): Solid solution treatment is to heating the 6082 aluminum alloy to the solid solution temperature so that the solid phase in the alloy is completely dissolved and then cooled at the appropriate speed. This process can eliminate the precipitated phase in the alloy, adjust the organizational structure of the alloy, and improve the plasticity and processing properties of the alloy. The solid solution temperature is usually around ~530 C, and the insulation time depends on the thickness and specification of the alloy.

2. Aging treatment (Aging Treatment): After solid solution treatment, 6082 aluminum alloy is usually aging treatment. Aging treatment includes two ways: natural aging and artificial aging. Natural aging is to store the solid-soluble alloy at room temperature for a period of time, so that the precipitated phase is gradually formed. Artificial aging is to heat the alloy to a certain temperature and maintain a certain time to promote the reinforcement of the alloy, so as to improve the strength and hardness of the alloy.

With reasonable solid solution treatment and aging treatment, 6082 aluminum alloy can improve its strength, hardness and corrosion resistance, making it more suitable for various engineering applications. During the heat treatment, parameters such as time and temperature need to be strictly controlled to ensure that the heat treatment effect meets the design requirements.

Post time: Jun-11-2024
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